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Mani Martin cements his status as one of Rwanda’s finest in ‘Afro’ album launch

Afrocentric singer Mani Martin yet again proved he’s one of the best singers and performers in Rwanda in his ‘Afro’ album launch at Kigali Serena Hotel on Saturday.

Mani Martin Performance “Afro Album Launch”

The ballroom hall was filled up by enthusiastic fans who included the chairperson of National Itorero Commission Edouard Bamporiki, who came to witness the singer unveil his 5th album.

During the well-attended show, Mani Martin dedicated a song ‘Kiribagiza’ to his deceased mum who he said played a big role in his upbringing.

The song is off the 15-track album inspired by Congolese revolutionary figure Patrice Lumumba.

Assisted by Yemba Voice, which did its part in mesmerising the crowd, Mani Martin went through a myriad of songs, leaving the crowd satisfied.

“I would like to dedicate this song to my mother who always pushed and wished me to get where I am today, even as I did not get the opportunity to sing for her before such a crowd,” the singer said, emotionally.

He said he hoped the song ‘Kiribagiza’ would reach her mother wherever she is and make her proud.

In an era when playback and semi-live performances are dominating many such shows, Mani Martin once again proved that there is still hope for good live music. The singer introduced each and every song he performed in detail.

Apart from Karibagiza and Afro, the album also includes Afurika Ndota, Mwarimu, Kinyaga, Ndaraye, Iyizire, Chalala, Sogea, Rubanda, Baba ninani, Umumararungu, Akagezi ka Mushoroza, Serafina and Same Room, among others.

Upcoming singers Sintex and Yverry were opening acts in a show in which RnB singer Christopher performed before Mani Martin came on.

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